Web Advertising Policy

Advertisements placed on the AZMA.COM web site can direct or "link" people/users/visitors traffic to your Web site and increase brand awareness.


Please call IMS Health Incorporated at 610-834-0800 and ask for AZMA.COM Sales.

Advertising Rates and Policies

All advertising rates are due upon ad approval. Checks can be mailed to:
AZMA.COM, 1 IMS Drive, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462


AZMA.COM strictly prohibits the delivery of Spyware on its sites. A partial definition of Spyware is a software based trigger or program that monitors a computer usage, sends information about the computer usage to a remote computer or server displays, or causes to be displayed an advertisement in response to the computer's usage without the knowledge or approval of the user. If an advertiser or 3rd party agency serves such an ad on the

Format Guidelines

AZMA.COM accepts rich media ads as well as static content. We have a selection of banner sizes available upon request.

Placement Options

Ads may be purchased on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) or sponsorship basis. In addition, there are electronic mail advertising opportunities.

Changes of Policy

AZMA.COM reserves the right to change, amend or eliminate advertising policies with 30 days advance notice. Submitting an advertisement for publication represents the advertiser's agreement to abide by the policies of AZMA.COM.

Identification and Indemnification

Advertisers who purchase ad impressions from AZMA.COM on our web sites must have either the company's registered URL or name in one of the frames of the ad. Under no circumstances do we accept advertising without identifying the company. The advertiser agrees that it is responsible to third parties for the content of advertisements placed. In the event that AZMA.COM becomes liable to any third party as a result of an advertisement, the advertiser agrees to indemnify any or all of them for damages owed to the third party and for the fees and costs associated with the controversy.

Publisher's Rights

All advertising is subject to approval from AZMA.COM regarding subject matter, form size, wording, illustrations, animation and typography. The publishers reserve the right to edit, reject or cancel any advertisement at any time, before or after placement. AZMA.COM does not accept online advertising for massage, escort services, astrology, (900) numbers, gambling, alcohol (including beer), tobacco, tea or coffee, NC-17 or X-rated movies, or any site deemed to contain pornographic material.

Site Aggregators

AZMA.COM reserves the right to review all potential advertisers' web sites at any time, before or after placement, to determine whether they are deemed "site aggregators." Generally, a site aggregator is viewed as a site that acts as a portal/destination site containing content and advertising from multiple entities. AZMA.COM reserves the right to reject advertising that is deemed competitive or contrary to the best interests of our organization.